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Positovid-20 – Positivity And Covid-19 In 2020

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From Denial to Reality

When the COVID-19 outbreak started in early January, North Americans watched fearlessly from afar. I was guilty of this as well. I told myself that the flu was more lethal than the Coronavirus and that I wasn’t at risk because I was young and healthy.

However, when the virus made its way over to North America, it became very real, very fast. Stay-at-home orders were issued, people were forced to keep distance from each other, businesses shut down, people lost jobs, many died, and the amygdala was kicked into overdrive.

The Power of Positivity

The amygdala – a part of your brain that’s responsible for emotions like fear and anger – was set into overdrive, reawakening our primal instinct for survival. The intent to satisfy our primal urges became so real that we completely redefined our definition of valuable – hoarding groceries, stocking up on insane amounts of toilet paper (???), and buying weapons for protection (so I’ve read).

Each day seemed to bring news that was worse than the day before, and there’s no doubt that being in constant fear or on high alert affects the way we think, feel, and behave. But, as with most tragedies and disasters, humans overcome the disaster and are able to learn, adapt, and stay positive. There are always reasons for hope, and even optimism. Here are a bunch examples where kindness and positivity prevails:

Silver Linings

Companies like Amazon and Nickelodeon are releasing hours of free content for children to take the burden off parents.

Many businesses are prioritizing safety over profits by temporary closing or offering safety precautions such as regular sanitization, plexiglass barriers, PPE, social distancing markers, etc.

Governments are aiding those who lost jobs and businesses that have been forced to close their doors.

Medical technologies are advancing quickly in the face of urgent need.

Many groups and initiatives have formed to organize PPE drives and support those in need.

Some companies are offering higher ‘COVID-19 wages’.

Most people with COVID-19 recover.

Busy parents that are able to work from home are able to spend some more time with their kids.

Nature is healing.

People are finding new hobbies and gaining new skills.

Many people have had time to stop focusing on their daily routines and really think about what’s important to them.

Celebrities, athletes, and governments alike have come together to donate significant resources to help those taking a financial hit by the pandemic.

The importance of health has been renewed.

We are learning and will forever be better prepared for future pandemics.

Without denying the severity of the pandemic, many good things have come from it. We can be proud that the world has come together in unity during an unprecedented time to tackle this huge issue. This pandemic is not over and there’s still a long way to go before things are solved, but for now, all we have is hope and positivity. Let’s keep going. #POSITOVID-20.

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