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Parking Like A Jerk.

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Parking can be difficult. There is no doubt about it. Will you fit in that spot? Will bystanders judge your 18-point parallel attempt? Are there any small animals or objects near the car you can’t see? Snow banks. You know.

But not parking like a jerk is important. What if you’ve left no room for someone to get out and that someone turns out to be your boss? What if someone with a broken leg needs to park as close to the building as possible but you’re taking up two spots with your careless parking so they have to hobble from down the street?


This is why we are loving these notifications you can download online to let someone know they are parking like …for lack of a better word…an asshole. Check out www.youparklikeanasshole.com to get yours today! (Or sign up for great monthly parking rates with WhereiPark and secure yourself the best spot in a parking-jerk free zone)

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