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How Whereipark Helps Businesses…

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WhereiPark: Revolutionizing Corporate Parking

WhereiPark is helping companies of all sizes with their parking needs. In our first year, we’ve been able to assist small offices, large corporations and everything in between save tens of thousands annually on monthly parking for employees.

WhereiPark: Delivering Substantial Savings

We work closely with HR groups and office administrators to help them find better and cheaper nearby parking solutions for their staff. Recently we helped one of our clients relocate 25 company vehicles to a new parking facility near their office in downtown Toronto. Now, instead of paying an exorbitant $400 per month, per spot – they are paying $250 per month. That’s a saving of almost $75 000 annually for this company!

WhereiPark: Partnering with Major

Right now we are proudly working with Rogers, Coca-Cola, CityTV, and St. Michael’s Hospital staff as well as tons of other local businesses to find better parking solutions near their workplace. Should your office or colleagues be in search of a cheaper parking solution we would love to help you! Check out WhereiPark for more information or shoot us an email at: partners@whereipark.com

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