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How Construction Teams Can Avoid The Public Parking Headache

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Challenges of Construction Site Commuting

Construction crews already have their work cut out for them. The labor is physically and mentally demanding and projects must be completed precisely. The hours are long and irregular and the tasks often dangerous. But raising the structures in which we work and live is an indispensable job and it’s up to all of us to make construction work easier, more rewarding, and more convenient. Every business owes its workspace to a construction team, so it’s important to pay their hard work back with service offerings that consider their needs. As a company in the smart parking space, we’ve put a lot of thought into how we can make life better for our construction professionals: by simplifying their commute.

Efficient Transportation Solutions for Construction Sites

Construction team members must all commute to their job sites, a task which can vary in difficulty. Suburban or isolated projects have ample parking available, but downtown parking is another matter. Free spaces are few and far between, paid spaces are often prohibitively expensive and affordable spaces often too far from the construction site. When possible, team leaders make deals with nearby commercial lots to set aside room for their crew, but there is no guarantee these spaces will be close enough not to require a mini-commute just to get from vehicle to workplace. It seems as though public parking is just not an efficient solution to the construction commuting problem.

But for all the public lots full to bursting with cars, there are plenty of private properties with parking lots going at least partially unused. Especially since COVID kicked off the telecommuting and online shopping revolutions, privately owned business and residential properties often have an excess of available parking spots. With the right service, construction team leaders can reserve a block of spots, just as with a public lot. But privately owned parking lots often have more spots available for a negotiable price. And these sites might be closer to the job site than public lots, which tend to have more central locations, not to mention are also more secure.

Prioritizing Construction Team Convenience in Parking Solutions

Ultimately, the construction team’s convenience should be the parking broker’s primary concern. It is vital to take care of the team’s and its leaders’ parking needs in a comprehensive fashion. Mobility from spot-to-site is important, and so is handling all billing and payment regarding parking. Ideally, these companies should maintain a relationship with potential nearby parking sites to provide the most flexibility to their clients. For many private property owners, filling their unused parking spots with a fleet of cars from a construction team is a convenient and stress-free source of income. The parking broker gets to solve two clients’ problems at once, all while ensuring construction personnel are relaxed and ready to work after their commute.

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