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Gender Specific Parking

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Debating Gender-Specific Parking Spaces

Apparently in Germany there are female specific parking spaces. For real! According to a recent article in #TheTorontoStar, many parking lots in the country are required to reserve at least 30% of parking spaces just for women.

It sparks an interesting debate because the spaces, which in some cases are larger than regular parking spots, may imply that women are worse drivers (or parkers) than men. But on the other hand they are often in well-lit areas of large parking lots that might be dangerous at night.

Women-Only Parking

The article begs the question; Is women-only parking sensible? Or Sexist?

Reading this I’m also reminded of Lean In author Sheryl Sandberg who famously demanded closer pregnancy parking for expectant mothers at Google’s headquarters (before moving to Facebook.)

So what do we think? Is women-only parking something we should adopt in Canada?

Take a look at the article here:


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