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Construction Mobility – We’re Here To Help!

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Seizing the Opportunity

There’s a significant opportunity for the Engineering & Construction industry. While the industry has been humming along at a nice clip over the past decade the US Federal Government has agreed to spend $2 trillion over the next 10 years to upgrade America’s deteriorating infrastructure. However, with the benefits of fixing congested roads, bridges, and aging wastewater treatment facilities, there comes a number of unforeseen issues.

Community Concerns

Construction sites are often spilling into roadways, sidewalks, and nearby neighborhoods as hundreds of construction workers pile into already-crammed metro areas. To local residents of nearby construction sites, this can be a huge nuisance. Residents’ thoughts range from:

‘Why are all these trucks parking on the road’,

‘Why is this construction taking so long’,

‘I am never taking this route home ever again’,

‘How come I can never find a parking space in the area anymore’; and

‘Jeez, that’s loud’

Parking Challenges

Let’s be clear, construction workers aren’t to blame. Construction workers are usually left to their own devices to find parking in metro areas where parking is already limited, and not to mention, expensive. Furthermore, many have a sporadic schedule that requires jumping from jobsite to jobsite, making for an endless, frustrating and inefficient cycle of looking for parking.

To put this into perspective, imagine you and a hundred of your colleagues have jobs that require you to go into an office that offers only 10 parking spaces. If you’re lucky enough to find one, you have to pay $4/hour for your eight-hour workday. On top of this, your office changes locations every month as new projects require you to change locations. Can you imagine how annoying that would be?

Partnering with WhereiPark

Construction is undoubtedly a necessity in developing our infrastructure and economy, however the negative ramifications associated with it are avoidable. WhereiPark is here to help. We work with the construction industry to source affordable, secure, flexible parking spaces through the WhereiPark real estate network throughout the US. We strive to make mobility for your team and the general public simple, efficient and affordable.

If you’re a construction company, project manager, or worker looking to make things easier for yourself and local residents, lets chat!

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