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Check All The Boxes For A Covid-safe Office

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Transforming Workspaces

Strolling into an office without a mask, glovelessly touching door handles, and haphazardly squeezing oneself into an elevator (“If that guy could just move over a little bit, I could definitely fit….”) is a shattered possibility since the unfolding of the coronavirus pandemic.

However, despite drastic long-term closures, people are beginning their slow return to the workplace, and it is evident that work life will look very different from what it used to. Companies both small and large have had to transform their operations to protect their employees and customers from the threat of COVID-19. Essential services such as hospitals and grocery stores led the way and foreshadowed what’s to come for offices and other businesses alike.

We compiled a list of four key takeaways that we’ve seen businesses across multiple industries successfully utilize to keep their customers and employees safe.

Use this as a checklist to help you determine whether enough is being done in your workplace to maintain the safety of your customers and staff:

Promote and Enforce Social Distancing

o Enable DIY cleaning by supplying disinfectants near or on each work area

o Enforce cleaning protocols for shared areas and sanitize all workspace areas including conference rooms, desks, breakroom, restroom, cafeteria, etc

o Reduce touchpoints by removing high-touch shared tools such as whiteboard markers, remotes, coffee pots, etc

Promote and Enforce Social Distancing

o Install plexiglass barriers if possible

o Plan to support social distancing of 6 feet

o Consider a phased approach where employees alternate work weeks

o Stagger arrival and departure times

o One-way hallways and arrows directing the flow of traffic

o Reconfigure communal areas of gathering to ensure social distancing

Maintain Open Channels for Communication

o Establish two-way communications

o Ensure regular and transparent communication

o Create signage that’ll remind people to constantly wash hands, sanitize workspaces, social distance, and stay home if they feel sick

Stay Positive

o ‘We’re all in this together’ mentality

o When people innocently forget to follow social distancing/PPE protocols, find ways to laugh about it instead of getting frustrated

o Find creative ways to replace instinctive high-fives or hugs

o Use the transition into a COVID-Safe office to build new levels of camaraderie and trust

Did this list help? Let us know what you’re doing to keep your office safe so we can collectively keep our workplaces COVID-free.

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