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7 Steps To Buying A New Car!

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We’ve tried to simplify the process, here are the 7 key steps you need to know to get the right ride car in your parking spot:


1. Figure out your budget. Your budget will really help narrow out some vehicles and get you closer to the one.


2. Figure out the build of the car you’d like or need- 4-door sedan, van, SUV…the list goes on. To decide, just think about how many people you’ll need to seat, how much you’ll need to be able to put in the trunk, where you’ll be driving.


3. Shortlist a few vehicles that fit both the budget and build of the car you’re looking for.


4. Do a comparison of the vehicles. We’ve used cars.com to compare vehicles, we also recommend you compare insurance quotes too.


5. Research. Get online, read car forums, websites, and learn everything about all of the cars you’re interested in. Keep in mind the cars that received good reviews within your research, cross the failures off your list.


6. Shop around. Now that you’ve narrowed your list down it’s time to go and get quotes on the vehicles that remain. Visit a lot of dealerships and get a lot of different quotes. Remove any cars or dealers that exceed your budget.


7. With the cars left, choose your favourite! Think about all of your research, your experience driving, and your budget when deciding!

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