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#ParkingPersonalities: Craig Peters / ParkSmart Inc.

Ruth Goodwin

This week's #ParkingPersonality is the General Manager of ParkSmart, Craig Peters!

Craig Peters / General Manager of ParkSmart Inc. / Nationwide


ParkSmart is a company that operates in two fashions. We manage parking on behalf of property management companies or owners (Residential and Commercial).  And, ParkSmart is the leading Municipal Enforcement Management and Services company in Canada. 


Describe your job in a nutshell…

As General Manager, I am responsible for the overall operation and performance of ParkSmart as a whole.  I am responsible for leading the company and our team in an efficient and effective manner that will drive results in a positive direction for clients and owners.  

How long have you been in the parking industry? What is the biggest change you've seen so far?

I have been in the parking industry for over 7 years and the biggest change I have seen in this industry has not happened yet.  The dawn of a new way of parking is upon us and is very exciting to be part of.  Parking has not changed much in the past decade but the old way of thinking and operating is no longer going to be efficient.  Technology and people are always adapting and in due time so will parking.  We have started to see the emergence of License Plate Technology along with mobile payment applications which has started to really heat things up. ParkSmart is pushing for new and fresh technologies and we hope to play a large part in these changes as they happen. 

Where do you see the industry headed? In what ways will parking be different in 5 years?

Just like mentioned above, parking is ever adapting but the old way of thinking is no longer efficient.  The young adults coming out of college and university have really started to adapt their way of thinking.  Technology is advancing in every area of life and parking is no different. 

What is your biggest parking pet peeve? 

Biggest pet peeve in parking…?  Now that is a big list! I would have to say my largest pet peeve is customers who believe they are entitled parking and think they are above anyone else in the parking lot.  There is no need to treat people with disrespect in order to get your own way and taking liberties at another's expense is just not the right way to do things. For example getting upset over a parking ticket and treating enforcement officers with total disregard is not acceptable. Parking enforcement is not a personal attack on one individual but instead it is a means to help control and manage occupancy and revenue generation in the whole location.   We have to remember that these officers are actual human beings doing a job.  Everything is open for conversation but taking a step back to understand what took place can go a long way.  Parking in major cities is no longer free and space for parking is ever shrinking, so please be patient and understand that we in this industry are doing our best to improve your experience every day.