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Getting ready for a long weekend road trip?


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Getting ready for a long weekend road trip?

Ruth Goodwin

Family Day long weekend is upon us and if you're road tripping with the little ones, your friends, or all by yourself, don't forget to prep your car, here's a cheat sheet of what to do:

1. Check your tires. Ensure that they're properly inflated and that they have enough tread on them.

2. Check your fluid levels. Top up your windshield wiper fluids, ensure you've done your regularly scheduled oil changes, and of course, gas up!

3. Save all of your destination points into your GPS to avoid getting distracted with typing them in while driving.

4. Ensure your safety kit is packed and you're prepared for poor road conditions. Prepare yourself by reading this awesome blog post!

5. Ensure you have your vehicle's manual, as well as your insurance documentation, and license.

6. Pack snacks and drinks!

7. Make some cool road trippin' playlists.