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Monthly Parking is hard to find.....

Ruth Goodwin

The creation story behind WhereiPark is a personal experience that I went through, back in February. I was trying to find a monthly parking spot around Adelaide and Peter St. in downtown Toronto, I had a budget of $200 (monthly) in mind. I set out on foot and pounded the pavement in search of the perfect spot. I visited all the surface lots in the area and asked the attendant for availability and pricing. I was pretty surprised to discover that everything was close to $300 per month, well over the price I was looking to pay. I took my search from on foot to online and after a few dozen Google searches, I quickly discovered there were almost no resources at my disposal to find a monthly parking spot. The classified sites were really the only places I could view any options and they had nothing for me in and around Adelaide and Peter.

This experience frustrated me and I left this experience feeling that there was a void in the market for monthly parking. In downtown Toronto, there are tons of parking spaces that sit empty and parking lot owners or operators have no tools to market their vacant spots. Over the next month, my business partner, Jeremy Zuker, and I sat around different coffee shops discussing new businesses we could start. Throughout a half dozen conversations, I kept coming back to my (frustrating) parking experience. I felt strongly that in 2014, finding and reserving a monthly parking spot should be as easy as finding tickets to see Billy Joel on StubHub or finding a Miami hotel room on Expedia.

We decided this was a problem worth fixing. If we could aggregate the supply of available parking spots and make it really simple for consumers to find and reserve a monthly spot on our site, we would be providing a valuable service to both consumers and to parking lot owners/operators.

WhereiPark launched in late June, if you haven't checked it out yet, please do. We'd love to hear your thoughts.