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Parking like a jerk.

Ruth Goodwin

Parking can be difficult. There is no doubt about it. Will you fit in that spot? Will bystanders judge your 18-point parallel attempt? Are there any small animals or objects near the car you can’t see? Snow banks. You know.

But not parking like a jerk is important. What if you’ve left no room for someone to get out and that someone turns out to be your boss? What if someone with a broken leg needs to park as close to the building as possible but you’re taking up two spots with your careless parking so they have to hobble from down the street?

This is why we are loving these notifications you can download online to let someone know they are parking like …for lack of a better word…an asshole. 

Check out to get yours today! (Or sign up for great monthly parking rates with WhereiPark and secure yourself the best spot in a parking-jerk free zone)  

#ParkingPersonalities: Jeremy Crane / Stadium Park

Ruth Goodwin

We love connecting with parking influencers and getting their thoughts on the industry, learning about their companies and hearing about their biggest parking peeves. So we've decided to reach out to some leading #ParkingPersonalities in North America and find out more about them! 

Our first #ParkingPersonality is Stadium Park Founder, Jeremy Crane:

Jeremy Crane, Stadium Park, Rochester NY

About Stadium Park:

StadiumPark is a mobile payment app for stadium, arena and event parking. The app, available in the Apple App store, allows a user to make a point of sale purchase by scanning a QR code held by a parking attendant. 

StadiumPark users are able to pay for their parking using their phone and evade long lines by entering through unique “StadiumPark Lanes,” which move quicker than cash with their rapid transaction times. 

Venue owners and operators gain from creating a better fan experience with the adoption of innovative technology, increase in-venue spending by bringing customers in quicker and grow parking revenue by reducing losses resulting from cash transactions.

Interview with Jeremy Crane: 

Describe your job in a nutshell…

 As the founder of a tech company (and the only fully time employee of StadiumPark), my work starts when I wake up and ends when I go to sleep, every day of the week.  I spend my time managing the development of technology, talking to stadium, arena and other venue management, engaging with investors and doing everything necessary to start and run this business.  I find myself in the car and on airplanes a lot-which is fun.

 How long have you been in the parking industry? What is the biggest change you've seen to the industry so far?

 I have been in the parking industry for many years, in a few different capacities.  I have seen continuous growth in the implementation and adoption of technology.  It is very exciting to be a part of!

What is your biggest parking pet peeve? 

My biggest parking pet peeve is the same as everyone's: Paying for it.  But with the understanding that we all must pay for parking, my second biggest pet peeve (which is why I started this business) is the need for cash and the long lines associated with stadium, arena and event parking.

 My brother and I often go to Buffalo Bills games at Ralph Wilson Stadium.  It would be nice if the night before we didn't have to call each-other to see if one had cash, just for parking.  StadiumPark will alleviate this situation by allowing fans/event attendees to pay using their phone and simultaneously evade long lines when entering the venues.

For more information on Stadium Park visit their website at


Ruth Goodwin

Starting this week #Spots is going to be rolling out interviews with some of the best parking influencers in North America. We’ll be asking them about the industry, learning about their various companies and finding out about their biggest parking pet peeves.

Check back tomorrow for our first #ParkingPersonality; Jeremy Crane from Stadium Park in Rochester, New York! 

Hot Spot Alert! #CalgaryStampede

Ruth Goodwin

In honour of the ongoing #CalgaryStampede we're saddling up today's #hotspot alert from this vibrant Alberta city!

725 9th Ave SW, Calgary

This downtown parking spot is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week for just $380 per month. It's well lit, wheelchair accessible and above ground in a save and secure area. 

Check out this spot's listing here or visit WhereiPark to view more downtown Calgary spaces!

The Disruptors on BNN!

Ruth Goodwin

Did you happen to catch us last night on BNN's The Disruptors? Audiences were voting to decide if WhereiPark was a disruptor in the market place like Uber or Airbnb. 

Check out our segment here and let us know what you think! 

Hot Spot Alert!

Ruth Goodwin

We are adding new parking spots every day across Canada's major cities! #Toronto, #Ottawa, #Montreal, #Calgary... You name it! Like this space in downtown Toronto...

Located on 22 McCaul Street in the heart of Queen West this underground spot is available for just $175 a month (in other words just 6 dollars a day!). It's well lit, highly secure and you can access it 24 hours a day. 

Check out our website for more information on this spot and others in the area!